Just to let you know we’re still open for business as normal but working remotely with reduced warehouse staff.

However please note there may be a delay on some deliveries due to supply chain issues during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.

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Thursday 5th July 2012


We are please to advise that we can now offer 6 & 8 person Michigan & Dakota Sensor Operated Wash Fountains from Stock

They are available as a 6 or 8 station version to simultaneously accommodate the relevant number of users. The wash fountain bowl and top are offered in either moulded, cast polymer-based solid surface material(Michigan) or Stainless Steel(Dakota). The pre-assembled water distribution heads and pedestal base are constructed from stainless steel. All spray nozzles, infa-red sensors and escutcheons are secured to the unit from within the sprayhead. Valves, water supplies and waste connections are concealed within the pedestal. The pedestal cover is removable and secured with vandal resistant security screws.

The solid surface material is resistant to stains, impact and burns. However, should there be any surface damage, it can easily be repaired with everyday cleaners or none grit abrasives.