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Non-Concussive Basin Tap

£118.93 ex. VAT £142.72 inc. VAT
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These basin mounted push taps are designed for use with our range of thermostatic mixing valves. With manual operation the tap functions for a period of time and then closes automatically. This operation makes the tap ideal for use in unsupervised areas such as sports changing rooms and washrooms. It is also perfect for use as a water economy device. The simple operation of the push tap enables users with limited mobility to use the facility. Available in standard and contemporary styles the push tap is safe, reliable and reflects the quality of the intatec range of total washroom solutions.

  • Minimum Operating Pressure 0.2 Bar Dynamic
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 10 Bar Static
  • Factory Set Flow Time 15 Seconds at 1 Bar
  • Flow Time Adjustment Range 1-60 Seconds
  • Maximum Inlet Temperature 70 Degree C
  • Connectins: G 1/2"  Flexible Tails

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